100% Security With The JOOAN IP Camera HD 720P Network Wireless Camera

Since the launch and introduction of the JOOAN IP Camera HD 720P Network Wireless Camera, this updated review for 2018 has made it a game changer in the market today. It’s difficult to go wrong with the newest technology in this camera design and once you purchase the device, it’s a guarantee that it will give value for your money. The ability of the camera is way ahead of many other competitors in the market as it comes ready to give you a new experience on your surveillance.

The JOOAN IP Camera HD 720P network wireless camera will fully take control of your home as you are able to monitor from anywhere at any time. The camera is fully compatible with most smartphone as it can be controlled by both the Android and the iOS operating systems.

Once you have the camera in place and working properly, the monitoring process is now made easy through the Danale free App. The steps of setting up the camera is very easy as it’s designed on a plug and play mode making it one of the most user friendly cameras in the market today. The functionality of the camera is also fully documented and the ability under which it’s supported made clear hence making every component very easy to understand.

Even though the device doesn’t support both 5 G and hot Wifi, the network connection and access is still very stable and will give you the best live view. The camera is also different when it comes to Wifi set up since you must use simple letters and numbers and avoid complex special character in Wifi naming. The support that it has will give you full details of everything that is happening including every motion detected during the process.

The storage capacity is set at its best with the camera designed for both SD card and cloud storage making it very efficient. Even though the micro SD storage is set at 64 GB maximum, need for more storage space is closely supported and enhanced by the cloud storage that comes at a small fee of 1-5 dollars monthly.

Getting the details of every action from the camera is very easy and reliable as the recording is done continuously, automatic overwrite will save for max of 7 days and 90 days set for alarm recording. You are therefore free to get both the current state and the history of the recording done without any more worry.

The device that comes with a one year warranty, and is available at Amazon.com at the moment for very reasonable price.