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Monitoring cameras are equipment, for various applications, useful in homes, shops or parking lots. Choosing the right product is not easy, that’s why we have looked around for the Best Vision 16CH 4-in-1 HD DVR Security Camera System the best on the market. It is wireless equipment designed for home surveillance. This very stable product ensures fast video transmission. The image is not distorted, which makes it easier to spot details.

The device has the option of sending e-mails about detected persons, so at any moment you will learn about possible burglary or damage to your property. The camera can also be connected to the application on the phone, which after configuration gives us the opportunity to view in real time. The big advantage of the product is a simple installation that even people without experience will be able to do.

Shopping guide

Monitoring cameras are now a very large group of products. Their use is also diverse. You can use monitoring at home, store, on the production square, outside the premises, parking, etc. Therefore, also a large variety of models, the choice of which depends also on the destination. What is the best monitoring camera depends on, so it will be from where we intend to use it and what functions it should perform?


The purpose of the camera is actually the most important thing. That is why determining the destination is the thing to start with. Often camera manufacturers also offer kits for home monitoring, a special parking control kit, or to control store shelves.

The place of installation and the type of device

IP cameras usually have markings regarding the tightness class. They are two digits, the first of which specifies dust proofness and the second one is water-tight. The higher the numbers, the better the housing is protected against dust or water penetration. For example, a camera with the IP00 designation has no protection in this respect, while the designation IP36 says that the device is protected against penetration of particles up to 2.5 mm at level 3 and against a strong water jet at level 6. Such criteria are important for the camera placed outside the building.

The convenience of use – comparison

When comparing analog and IP cameras, we would like to draw your attention to certain aspects of the use of both types of devices. IP cameras can access the live view from any place using only a web browser, in addition, the image can be saved on the hard disk, allowing you to view the recordings, as well as store away from the camera itself. However, an analog camera requires its connection to a network recorder or server and it can not be configured remotely. Older models record images on video cassettes, newer ones can be converted into a digital image.If you want to check out the Best Vision 16CH 4-in-1 HD DVR Security Camera System, head over to, ans also browse through many more best selling security cameras.