Best IP Security Camera

Most likely, security was one of your deciding factors, before investing in your business or deciding your current home. We all need to feel secure, and if this feeling is in any way threatened, then as human beings we are bound to react. Nowadays our biggest possessions lay inside a set of perimeters, either our families in the house or property such as vehicles and business goods

One way to ensure that you are secure is by installing a set of CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras around your home/business. Not only does it act as a deterrence, but video recordings may actually be of great help to the Police in case something goes south.

Knowing what kind of CCTV cameras your building is quite another thing! Nowadays almost all of them are modern and boasts of unique features. Sure you may request from an expert about your needs, but there’s a high probability that you may not give you a definite answer.

While looking for a CCTV camera, it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Ask questions such as what do I want to be covered? When do you want it to cover? How do you get this information? And most importantly, what’s my budget? Having answers to this question might just direct you to your choice.

The following are three basic features you should also look for:

  1. High resolution

The difference between blurry, footage that can’t make clear videos and a high-quality camera resolution that is very clear and of good quality could be the key to identify a suspect. It is always in your best interest to buy the highest resolution you could afford

For resolutions, you will either choose from analog or digital. Nowadays, Digital is the way to go, though you will have to sacrifice quality over space. This is because higher resolution requires more storage space. A good choice is one that offers the most resolution with the least storage space.

  1. 24 hours recording

If you require recordings 24hours a day, then it’s probably best to have some knowledge on lighting.

For this, you may choose from either a standard camera which at night, adjusts its recording to black and white images. This though is only useful only in areas with some sources of light or with cameras pre-installed with motion lights. Not viable solutions for places that get really dark.

The other option you may choose from is getting a camera with infra-red light. This is usually inbuilt and comes with the device, it offers enough light for the camera, even on the darkest of days

  1. Remote Access

How you can access your recordings, should really be a priority. Nowadays most companies have access and offer you with the help of internet access, ability to watch over your property live. For this, they may either need you to download an App or just visit their website and key in some credentials. Either way, this should be high on your agenda, especially if you’re not around most of the times

Nowadays it’s quite rare to find a camera that has invested in all of the above features, that’s why the Best Vision 16CH 4-in-1 HD DVR Security Camera System is unique and recommended by experts. It incorporates these and many more features to make sure your property is secure all day and night

Check it out or order yours now at for the best price and it will be delivered right to your doorstep in super quick time.