Best Security Camera Without Subscription

Generally, security cameras are video camera through which audio and video signals can be transmitted to the monitor or storage. This means they are very effective in boosting your home’s security. However, there are a lot of security cameras on the market. This means it might be a bit challenging the Best Security Camera Without Subscription for your home security system.

In order to overcome this challenge, you need to consider a couple of factors. These factors include the type of camera, its design, its motion detectors, its video and audio qualities and the night vision. Cloud Cam Security Camera is one of the security cameras in the market. Below are some features that make it very efficient.


This is a white smart indoor security cloud camera. Having in mind that it’s a 1080 HD security camera, it captures high-quality security videos. Therefore you will have a clear view of what’s happening in your home. Despite the fact that you won’t pay for any storage subscription, the camera allows you to watch and share the clips within 24 hours of recording.

In addition, the camera has night vision capabilities. Therefore you will be able to maintain the surveillance of your home even at night. With its smart cloud App, you can be able to control the LEDs lights on the camera. In short, you can turn on and off the night vision mode using your smartphone.

Smart Cloud App

Having in mind that it’s a smart camera, it has a smart cloud App which you can install on your phone. This means you will be able to receive various notifications from your phone. You can also view live feeds using this App.

Two-way audio.

The security camera has 2-way audio capabilities. This means that it allows two-way communication. Therefore apart from viewing the feeds, you will also be able to communicate with a person from any room.

Motion detectors.

The camera has excellent motion detectors. After detecting motions it also sends notifications to your phone via the smart cloud App.

Pros and Cons Pros

It comes with a 30 days trial period.

It’s affordable.

It captures high-quality video.

It allows two-way communication.


It doesn’t offer continues video feed recording.

From the above information, Cloud Cam Security Camera is an affordable and effective security camera. This is due to the fact that it captures high-quality video, allows 2-way communication and its Alexa enabled. Therefore if you are looking for Best Security Camera Without Subscription, you should visit and check it out.