YI Dome Camera & Surveillance System



YOU ARE HERE: HOME / UNCATEGORIZED / YI DOME CAMERA & SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM YI Dome Camera & Surveillance SystemEven though the market has a lot of security cameras to offer to the world today, the YI Dome Camera Pan/Tilt/Zoom wireless IP indoor security surveillance system remains to be unique. YI Dome Camera offers freedom, control, and choice when it comes to offering security and surveillance system. the camera has a nice overall design which is easy to set up once the camera is bought. You are able to set the camera and integrate to use your phone which enables it to offer quality pictures both in auto SD and HD.

Inbuilt features of the camera

The YI Dome Camera offers a 720p HD when you use it together with the advance combined glass lens. The individual definitions make it better for every function. Since it has a range of 112 degrees, horizontal of 345, and a vertical rage of 360 degrees.  The camera is built with added night vision capability which

has 8 inbuilt infrared lights which can extend the view to 3 meters with zero light pollution. Never get worried about your baby or pet of the LED glare effect as the camera won’t affect them at all.

When using the camera to survey, it offers two-way audio together with an advanced microphone which comes with a filter for any noise that can be experienced. You can enjoy both the intercom mode and hands-free mode as the camera offers some of the best experiences and maximum flexibility.

Every activity will reach you on a real-time basis when you are out. Ten seconds of tracking record for every moving object on real time is perfect enough to give every required detail. You can remotely use the camera to view the covered area following the 360 degrees horizontal ability.

Advance technology use

You can customize all the YI Dome Camera set with your application to enable every family member to check as it integrates perfectly with it. Using the single interface, you can set every detail that you need from the YI Dome Camera. Also, you can set the activity alerts bookmarks, auto-cruise as well as customizing schedules

The camera supports cloud technology which limits the risk of losing data from the SD cards. It makes sure all are safe. It’s impossible to hack and use the data wrongly since they provide maximum protection with limited chances of compromise. Accessing the camera through Wi-Fi both on mobile and PC is possible. It can be done from any time and anywhere.

Advantages of YI Dome Camera

The camera comes ready to support most of the activities within the setup environment. It’s user-friendly and doesn’t require advanced skills to set up and use the camera. From the same application, you have the possibility to connect a single camera to several devices. Hence creating maximum convenience of all users.

You can use the camera with both Android and iOS which are perfectly accommodated and fully supported. The camera has one of the best processing speed and internal storage capacity that makes the use very easy. You can visit Amazon.com and buy your YI Dome camera for maximum security and a perfect surveillance system for the best price.