Best Indoor Wireless Security Camera For 2019

Best Indoor Wireless Security Camera

Wireless security cameras transmit audio and video signals to a receiver (wireless receiver) via radio band. Some wireless security cameras aren’t completely wireless, they have one cable for power. There are also those that are battery powered making them completely wireless from bottom to top. Wireless security cameras are replacing the traditional cameras, many people prefer wireless security cameras for they are easy to install and have multiple mounting options. Another great thing about wireless security cameras is their ability to connect to broadband networks, this allows users to stream the recorded video over the internet.


There are many models of indoor security cameras available in the market. Each model has its own benefits and drawbacks. It can be challenging especially if you’re new to wireless security cameras to choose the best camera for you. To be able to get the perfect camera for you must be knowing some of the things to look for in an indoor wireless security camera. Here are the three things that must be in your fingertips when you’re looking for a good indoor security camera.


  1. The power source, connectivity, and accessibility.

Most DIY security cameras use a home Wi-Fi network. This means that they must be situated in a position they can be able to access Wi-Fi. Interruption of WiFi signals and power outages can make the camera to stop functioning. There are those indoor security cameras that are compatible with cellular networks. A camera using a cellular internet connection means that it has a sim card slot where you insert a cellular sim card. Wireless cameras using cellular networks are more preferable than those based on Wi-Fi only. Some cameras support both Wi-Fi and cellular connection.

Most of them are powered by rechargeable batteries and while others use replaceable batteries. Battery powered security cameras are better than those powered with power cables. Battery powered indoor security cameras can be mounted anywhere.

Most indoor wireless security cameras can be accessed on web apps while others can be accessed using an iOS or Android app. Go for cameras with a good interface and if you don’t have a laptop or a desktop in your home go for the one you can access using Android or iOS app.


  1. Field of View

Field of view basically means how much your camera is able to see. The higher the field of view the better. Cameras with a wider field of view also give you clear pictures. Never should you buy an indoor security camera with a field of view less than 170 degrees.


  1. Storage and subscriptions

Different security cameras stores recorded video differently, there are those that send the data to a remote server, those that store the data in a local storage device (SD Card) and those that stores locally and uploads at the same time. Cloud storage requires you to subscribe to cloud storage services but for local storage (SD Card) the recorded data is stored locally in the preferred device.

Where to by indoor wireless security cameras

Indoor security cameras are available in several local and online stores selling wireless security cameras and other surveillance gadgets. For super great and amazing deals always order indoor wireless cameras for your home in