Best Long Range Wireless Security Camera

There are many long-range wireless security cameras available in the market, which help people to keep an eye on their property during the night. Users can record a video of the things whose distance is several feet away from the location of the camera. The camera comes with 4G LTE technology and users can monitor their houses and other property from a distance. The main features that a customer has to consider while buying a long-range camera includes night vision, HD, long-range wireless, and optical zoom lens.

The video quality of an optical camera is much better than that of a digital camera. The video quality of the digital camera is between the ranges of 1080p to 5 megapixels while the range of IP camera is much higher.

The video quality of the optical camera during the daytime is good but for nighttime vision should also be good. Such cameras can work 24/7 and users can monitor various areas clearly. The night video quality should be good enough to view everything when the lighting condition is low or when it is very dark.

Night vision cameras consist of infrared lights, which help to view distant things clearly. If the quality of infrared light is high and quantity is more, making the videos of distant places at night is easy. These IR lights will help to view the distance of up to 190 feet.

Another important thing in these cameras is a varifocal zoom lens, which helps to zoom the areas, which are under surveillance through the camera. Users should select the camera on the basis of the area they want to monitor. People mostly prefer a camera with a 4X zoom lens as they can easily monitor the front and back part of their house.

Next thing to be considered is the range of Wi-Fi. People mostly complain about poor connectivity and low signal strength. It is better if people buy dual band wireless camera. These cameras can provide video transmission up to 250 feet. The camera can be easily installed on outdoor sites and within the range of Wi-Fi.

The Linksys Wireless-N Internet Home Monitoring Camera is considered as one of the best outdoor cameras, which comes with infrared light night vision. This camera can easily work at extremely hot or cold temperatures. Users can purchase this best long-range wireless security camera from at an affordable price and monitor their home from inside and outside.

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