Best Small Wireless Security Camera

People use cameras for securing their home even when they are out. In such a case, they can buy a small wireless security camera, which makes the house safe from intruders. These cameras are available in various ranges, and people can buy them as per their budget. Users should consider three main things while buying these cameras, which include mounting and powering the camera, specifications, and features of the camera.

The indoor security camera will help the homeowner to monitor everything from a remote place. The cameras are of different types. Some of them ring alarm while some send a notification if a danger is detected.

Cameras of 1080p resolution are best for homes, but some people buy the cameras whose range is more than 1080p. Some cameras consist of an optical zoom lens, but most people consider the digital zoom. The zooming depends on the resolution of the camera. If the resolution is more, zooming will be more.

The best small wireless security camera can be connected to the smartphone with the help of Wi-Fi. Some cameras also use Bluetooth to connect to the devices. After the camera is connected to the smartphone, users can access it from remote places.

The security cameras come with mobile apps, and so they can be easily connected to smartphones or tablets. The cameras that are now being launched also have the feature of giving voice commands through various voice assistants like Google Assistant, Alexa, etc.

The cameras have the capability of recording videos, but they cannot be stored in them. Most of the cameras have the features of storing the videos on the cloud as they support cloud services. These stored videos can later be accessed through remote access. Very few cameras come with microSD card slot where people can insert SD card to store the videos and watch them when needed.

People must be aware of the fact that cloud services are not the same and users have to subscribe to the services and make regular payments in order to store the videos on the space provided to them. Also, there is an option of saving the footage for a specific period, which can be a week, a month or more.

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