Best Wireless Security System For Your Home in 2018

Your home is your haven. You need peace of mind and safety for your family and the Frontpoint Home Security provides the most reliable security. Rated as the best wireless security system for your home in 2018, you benefit from a variety of features and 24/7 customer support.

The traditional security systems that used wires are now things of the past. Frontpoint is modern and uses wireless connectivity. It is easily customizable to suit your specific requirements. Furthermore, it is a DIY security system with simple step by step online installation. Frontpoint protects against intrusion, flood, fire/smoke, and freeze by using wireless sensors.


• Energy saving automation system. You get to select from a variety of plans based on your preferences. You can schedule or automate lights and air conditioning to turn on and off from your laptop or smartphone.

• Takes less than 30 minutes to install. Customer support is excellent and you can expect clear guidelines during installation.

• A 7 inch fully functional touch screen with a control panel. The icons are large and user-friendly making it easy to operate. Everything can be done by the touch of a button. You can control and monitor locks and lights from any location.

• You can easily access the history of events such as door openings, alarm triggers and image uploads. Whether you want still images or video surveillance, Frontpoint has the best motion sensors. You can set a security alert to accompany certain actions when you are out.

• More options can be accessed through their web portal. You can create more rules such as which actions can prompt notifications. For instance, you can automate the system to send notifications when the front door is open or when a sensor is triggered.

• Frontpoint home security offers three customizable plans – Protection Plan, Interactive Plan, and the Ultimate Plan. You can discuss the features to establish what’s best for you.


• Smart home enhancements.
• 24/7 customer support and live monitoring.
• 100% wireless equipment with mobile app integration.
• Competitive rates.
• Quick installation.
• Crash and smash technology to protect against intruders from disabling the system quickly.
• Geofencing which allows you to lock, arm or disarm a door upon entering or exiting your property.


• The one-year plan will cost you more compared to the three-year plan.
• Some services can only be accessed on their premium service packages.
• Lack of landline monitoring.


The package includes a video that explains how the system works. It is advisable to put the system into Non-Emergency Response Mode to avoid sending an alert to the authorities. In this mode, you can play with the different settings to get acquainted with the system. The sensors, including environmental sensors, are super sensitive and the system quickly responds to the programmed commands.


Frontpoint systems easily stand out from their competition due to their flexibility and DIY options. Each system arrives programmed from the company and can be attached to any surface with the removable adhesive on each component. Get your Frontpoint Home Security system at The company prioritizes the security of your family by developing top of the range products which make it the best wireless security system for your home in 2018.

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