ONWOTE 1080P NVR 960P HD Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System

A lot of people find it difficult selecting a wireless security camera for their houses. It is challenging to determine which best fits your status, but with the updated review for 2018 below, you will be able to identify them. Which is why, before considering other properties, you should be able to identify some of the distinct features between the cameras.

The ONWOTE 1080P NVR 960P HD Camera System, is one of the wireless cameras you should have a look at. We selected these due to its distinct features to help you understand what it really entails.

Backup. The 960 HD camera acts as a backup for your household. It stores all information through recording, playback or video preview. No matter the command you give it, you can retrieve important data from it if needed.
1080P HD NVR. The 4CH 1080P HD NVR is a technology used to design it, to enable video recording without the use of the hard drive.
Ports. It comes with 2 various ports. One SATA port able to hold up to 6TB each and a USB port.
LED arrays. It also has 6 LED arrays and IR night vision of up to 80ft. The described feature makes it easier for the camera to capture any movement around your household.
It also has a power supply of 100-200V output, and an input of DC 12V-2000mA
In its box, it contains the WI-fi antenna for cameras, 3 ft network cable, mouse for NVR, power adapters for NVR and cameras, camera screw for mounting, 960P HD wireless camera, guide book, and 1080p HD NVR.
Apart from what is packed in the box, you will need a 3.5 inch internal hard drive to help in video recording, a HD TV or PC together with a VGA or HDMI cable to help you view and set the device. More so, the camera can work without the Internet. If you are using it remotely, then you have to connect the Internet by use of network cable.

From the descriptions above, the camera is a great choice to give you peace of mind. It also comes with various advantages like the WI-fi range of 100ft and video recording that starts if motion is detected, You should always be ready to change the hard drive after sometime, to avoid overwriting.

Customers at Amazon.com have given the camera an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars.

The ONWOTE 1080P NVR 960P HD Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera System can be purchased at Amazon.com for a fair price, and it will be shipped to you in super quick time.