ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080N/720P Video Security System

Everyone needs to feel safe and aware of events occurring around them and their family. May it be in our homes, workplaces or even farms. Some may argue that even with security systems, our esteemed property and family is still prone to intruders. Yes, they may have a point, but as the saying goes, prevention is better than cure.

Below are reasons why you should grab the ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080N/720P Video Security System for your home or office.

The ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080N/720P Video Security System comes with an expandable CVR which can accommodate multiple cameras. This system has the capability to accommodate 1080 pixels Full HD cameras with BNC, VGA, and HDMI outputs. The system also allows real-time data backup to cloud storage over the internet.

The DVR in this system accommodates one HDD of 2 TB capacity, mouse control, and 3 2.0 USB ports. This system also supports all the major mobile platforms (Android, iPad, iPhone).

The camera Security System comprises of the dome camera, bullet camera, white camera, and black camera so as you can choose the right camera for each position, it also comes with strong IR-LED and night vision enabled cameras. The night vision feature spontaneously activates when it detects low light.

These cameras also have a capacity to capture up to 65ft and have an aluminum casing that enables it to withstand all types of outdoor weather conditions.

The ZOSI 8-Channel HD-TVI 1080N/720P Video Security System, has vandal protected cables and a 3 axis mounting made from aluminum which make it perfect for outdoor purposes.

Viewing and monitoring of video footage are very efficient because the system supports a smartphone application.
The application can be downloaded from google play store for Android devices or the on App Store for Apple devices. You can view real-time footage and also playback video footage on a mobile phone when connected to the internet from anywhere.

This security system also comes with a customizable motion detection zone feature. This feature enables the user to receive smart alerts when the system detects an unanticipated movement. The feature can be set either from the
application or from the DVR. A user is advised to set this feature from the DVR so as to mitigate false alerts.

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2-year Warranty. As if that is not enough, Amazon will replace your system if it becomes non-functional within the first after purchase.

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