Get Home Assistance and Surveillance From The YI Home Camera

The changing technology has now given you the chance to get a very close and reliable assistance and surveillance right inside your home from anywhere. The images captured by the YI Home Camera will give you full view of the present state of the home hence a peace of mind while at work or away.

The communication on the camera is designed in a 2 way and comes with an in built microphone and a speaker ready to take control of every monitoring and communication that you do. The updated review of the YI Home camera 2018 now has every detail that you might want to know about it.

The coverage of the camera is set to 111 degrees with a wide angle lens and has a non-invasive sensor of 940 nm infrared. You can take the details of the smaller images as the camera has a digital zooming ability of 4x that will help display more details and brings more clarity. The use of the camera is very friendly and causes zero disturbance even to the children when they are a sleep under the major control of a non-invasive sensor.

Full access to the camera is made possible through the smartphone or PC supported by Wi-Fi connectivity. Once you have the camera set and ready to start the monitoring process, you simply need to download the YI Home App either on your PC or smartphone and start monitoring. Having the App will enable you to monitor every detail that goes on at home without limiting the times and location.

The YI Home Camera is designed with a full control on storage based on the SD and all the recording stored locally. The camera therefore charges no monthly fee or extra cost on the operation hence very easy to use and own at the same time. You can therefore take control of all the video content that are recorded and view both the live images and the recorded history during your free time.

The SD that support up to 32 GB in the FAT32 format will give you full control on how to manage it allowing you to have the content and use them whenever you want to.

Whenever any motion is detected by the YI Home Camera, you directly get the real time streaming alerts and activities to your phone. The App that is used also gives you the chance to customize every detail on how you want them to appear and set the alert schedule.

The monitoring process is fully supported as the App can run on both the Android and iOS to comfortably support the services. Don’t worry about your security and home or office monitoring any more for Amazon has the YI Home Camera which is the right solution for you, for the right price.

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